Mr. Oskin, our School Librarian

Updated: Feb 22


As you may know, the head educator of media, books, and technology at the Kennedy school is Mr. Oskin. He teaches students K-8 at Kennedy, teaching necessary subjects such as robotics, technology, engineering, reading, coding, and computational thinking. Due to his importance in the school community, we decided to interview Mr. Oskin to find out things like where he is from, why he became a teacher in the first place, and many more important aspects of his life.

Scott David Oskin grew up in Massachusetts and went to college at Drexel undergrad school for digital media, and then graduated school at Simmons for library science. He wanted to be a teacher and especially a library specialist for multiple reasons. A friend of his suggested working at a library, he worked well with kids, and he had degrees in digital media and library science. After moving to Boston, he took the three ideas together and decided to apply at several schools to be a library teacher. He was then hired by the John F. Kennedy School.

Scott Oskin also has a very exciting personal life as well, as he enjoys many hobbies and fandoms. He is a serious biker as he has biked more than 100 miles in a single day, and it is one of his favorite things to do. He enjoys watching NHL games and likes the game of hockey. He often hikes up long mountain trails and takes a lot of trips to New Hampshire for hiking. Mr. Oskin currently resides with his girlfriend and his dog. Mr Oskin is an important figure in the Kennedy community, and we thank him for allowing us to use the library for the newspaper club.

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