Hats and Hoods in School

Updated: Feb 21


“Hey, take your hood off.” “No hats in school!” We hear this everyday. But why? First we have to go back to history.


Hats and hoods have been banned from the US. Government buildings since 1837. That’s 183 years! In government buildings, the reason is because they hide someone's face. This is understandable. If there was an attack on one of the buildings they wouldn’t be able to identify the person who did it. Also, women are not required to take their hats off indoors. This is looked at as common etiquette because hats are seen as being part of a woman's outfit. In the past, men were supposed to take their hats off when women enter the room to show respect. People don’t do this much anymore.


There is a difference between wearing a hoodie and having your hood on. This article is about having your hood on. A hoodie is wearing your hoodie outfit but not putting the hood on your head.Teachers sometimes say it is disrespectful or a distraction to wear a hood. Teachers, no disrespect, but wearing a hood is part of a style. I interviewed one of the members of this club who said, “I wear a hood because it keeps me warm. Also it lets me show my style. I like to be conservative.” Wearing a hood shows fashion.

Hoods also help people focus. One kid said, “I am isolated from all the noise and distractions and I can focus on my work when I have my hood on.” They help these kids’ education.

Hoods are just an extension of the piece of clothing. They’re meant to be worn. Wearing hoods is like a wave, it can’t be stopped, you can’t tame it.


Wearing a hat is more of a personal choice. Hats can represent many things. A hat can show your personality or show something you like. It can represent a sports team, a favorite city or music genre, or raise awareness for a disease. Wearing a hat is not a show of disrespect. It is a style or part of an outfit, and can identify someone’s interests.

People should be allowed to wear their hats and hoods in school.

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