Don’t Get Scammed by Fakes!

Updated: Feb 21


Read these 6 tips and never buy fake sneakers again.

Normal consumer: Yeezys for 20 bucks, I can't believe it! I’m getting them now!

Us: Stop right there.

1. Check the website you’re on. If it’s not a reliable website then the sneakers are probably fake.

2. Compare prices. Find real Yeezys and compare the price. If the price difference is $100 or less, you’re probably fine. However, with a difference of over $100 you should take a closer look.

3. It is not a good idea to compare pictures based on the colorway, because fake companies will mimic the color way to the best of their ability.

4. Ask others! If you know friends who have the same sneakers you’re looking to buy, compare what they cost and how they look. Inspect with close detail.

5. Look at the materials list (every company has one). If they don’t have one, you know the sneakers are fake. If they do, compare the real and the cheap sneakers.

Go to your local sneaker store and try on the real yeezys. Before you pay up, decide if the kicks are worth the price!

Author’s note: We hope these tips help you in your quest to find your sneaker made right for you!

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