AirPods vs. Beats: Comparison of Two Wireless Earphones

Updated: Feb 21


In this article, we will be discussing what type of earwear you should get, AirPods or Beats, based off of statistics and facts about them. Enjoy! On to the facts.

The Facts

Battery Life:

These are the battery life facts. On full charge, AirPods Gen 1 will get 5 hours of playing time, whereas AirPods Gen 2 will have an extra hour, and AirPods Pro will give you a whopping 24 hours! The AirPods also come with a case that charges the AirPods . For Beats, the Studio 3’s and the Solo 3’s have a quick charge which gives them a, for a 5 minute charge, 3 hour battery life, but on full charge, without noise canceling, the battery will last 40 hours. With noise canceling they will last a good 22 hours (this goes for all of the other beats as well, except the Powerbeats, which last around 9 hours). Wired Beats do not need charging.


Next are their customization options. All AirPods come in white, although you can get skins for them, that come in a variety of colors. On the contrary, beats come in a variety of colors, brands, and people, like MCM, Dj Khalid, Fendi, Neymar Jr., and Disney.


We also have their portability. AirPods are very small and portable. Even the case is very small, and can fit in your pocket. The AirPods Pro will go deeper into your ear, but they are also shorter, and the case is wider, but also shorter. For beats there are AirPods -like Beats called the Powerbeats that are wireless earbuds that are slightly bigger than the AirPods , but have interchangeable rubber ear tips, and adjustable ear hooks for a firm grip. The regular on/over ear headphones are not too portable. The most portable Beats headphones are the Solo 3’s, noting that all of the beats headphones are collapsible.


Moving on to the prices of these headwear. The AirPods Gen 1 and Gen 2 are $160, and the Airpods pro are $249. The beats vary for prices, the most expensive beats are over $400 and the most inexpensive are $40.

Sound Quality:

This is the sound quality. The sound quality of AirPods is very good for podcasts, although they don’t have much on the low end. They also don’t have good noise cancellation, unless you have the AirPods pro, which has a good noise cancellation setting. The beats have a good sound quality for basically everything.

Exterior Material:

Here are the exterior materials of these earwear. The AirPods are made of hard plastic, and AirPods pro also consist of rubber tips, to give better noise cancellation if you put it on that setting. The beats mostly consist of a flexible, but sturdy, plastic, silicone rubber for grip under the plastic headband, leather on the earcup ,a mesh fiber material for the interior of the earcup, and a type of metal for the extension part of the headphone for your comfort/style.


Both the AirPods and Beats and high quality bluetooth headsets. Although AirPods are more portable, Beats have more robust sound quality for music. Which wireless earphones do you prefer? Take our survey! We'll post the results next month.

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